CCC Climate Leaders Report Card

We believe that Local Government Actions Save the World. We have a Climate Crisis, but we have local community leaders (elected officials, staff, and community advocates) who have the capacity to share best practices, to pass local policies, to improve our communities, and to protect human health and the environment for future generations to enjoy.

This new report reviews our cities, towns, and the unincorporated county —on climate policy and program efforts and ways that cities can improve and be recognized for their performance in a variety of policy areas. This benchmark encourages our local climate leaders to continue strengthening commitments to a Carbon-Free, Just Transition and Building Back Better. At the same time, ensuring our communities are resilient and economically vibrant in the face of the Climate Crisis. The most recent Scorecards have been updated, and the other elements currently under review for consideration in the CCC Climate Leaders Scorecard Report are presented below:


Special Thanks to Consultant: Andrew Johnson; University of California, Los Angeles; Environmental Science, BS, (Class of 2021)
Phone: (925) 858-0838