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Brendan Havenar-Daughton, PG&E

Michael Kent, Contra Costa Health Services

USGBC Retrofitting Portland

Jared Asch, NSI-San Francisco


Karen Pedraza, Consultant


Molly McCobb , CYES Rising Sun Energy


Michael Cass , City of Lafayette
Lamorinda Weekly 


“I started working for 4CL as an Environmental Studies student at Saint Mary’s College. 4CL helped me enact positive change in the Contra Costa community. Whether it was speaking at Mayors Conferences, researching and planning workshops for local government officials, or connecting with progressive individuals who are passionate about the environment; my tasks exposed me to the challenges of local government and their potential to enact incredible change. I’m proud to be part of an organization that seeks to create healthy, livable communities.”

Jency James, Senior Consultant

The workshops and opportunities for peer to peer sharing provided by 4CL are essential to our efforts in climate protection. With the limited staffing that we can assign to this area of work, the regional partnership and information regarding upcoming grants and free programs and services is vital to our greenhouse gas reductions efforts.

Julie Haas-Wajdowicz
Environmental Resource Coordinator
City of Antioch


Dear Ms. Naila Ahmed,

Contra Costa County has limited resources from franchise fees, taxes and funding for countywide programs for climate actions plans. As a result, organizations like CCC Climate Leaders are important to ensure climate action planning moves forward. CCC Climate Leaders also provides a lot of important services like monthly newsletters and periodic workshops on energy efficiency and key environmental topics for local governments.

I hope that you will continue to support their programs and services so that city staff and city elected officials can continue to benefit from these programs.

Thank you in advance.

Janet Abelson
Mayor Pro Tem
City of El Cerrito

Sustainable Lafayette has interacted and partnered with Generation Green since we started our organization over six years ago. While we are a grassroots organization, many of our board members have been involved with the City of Lafayette’s Environmental Task Force and efforts to address climate change. From our vantage point the 4CL program plays a crucial role in our county by keeping every city informed about the latest news and programs available to them, and by arranging valuable workshops. Many climate leaders in Lafayette appreciate the concise monthly e-newsletter, and the City of Lafayette attended the recent 4CL workshop on benchmarking and is now working with a specialist on the Energy Action Plan for our city. Overall, 4CL does a great job helping communities in our county make progress on climate action planning.

Steve Richard
Sustainable Lafayette


Personally, I thank your organization for helping us to continue moving forward on climate action, perhaps a little faster.

My thanks to you and the others at Contra Costa County Climate Leaders for giving Concord a place to share its successes. The website is an excellent resource, which I will look to for help in the implementation of City of Concord’s Climate Action Plan.

Linda Morine
Community and Economic Development Dept.
City of Concord


“Contra Costa Climate Leaders (4CL) is the only group in Contra Costa County that provides an on-going learning network for cities and other climate stakeholders”.

Bay Area Joint Policy Committee Report

“Generation Green has successfully demonstrated full compliance with environmental regulatory agencies and taken action to conserve resources and protect the environment”

CCC Green Business Program

“We are proud to present Diablo Magazine’s Eco Award to 4CL and Generation Green for their outstanding Grassroots Greening in Contra Costa”

Diablo Magazine


“I commend Contra Costa County Climate Leaders (4CL) on its ability to connect local City Governments with the private and public sector in order to advance Climate Action policy in Contra Costa County. In October of 2014, 4CL hosted a (PACE) workshop that resulted in fifteen (0f 19) municipalities adopting multiple PACE programs…4CL is an important networking asset to Contra Costa County. The development of these public-private partnerships will create local jobs, assist homeowners and assist local governments with reaching their climate goals. This is possible because of the relationship building work and educational efforts organized by 4CL”

HERO PACE financing

“For the first time, guests voted for their favorite nonprofit nominee for a $500 grant from Sustainable Contra Costa. The winner was Contra Costa County Climate Leaders (4CL), a nonprofit focused on helping local governments take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”

Sustainable Contra Costa County

“Lynda is known for her expertise and leadership in promoting sustainability in Contra Costa County…founder and executive director of Contra Costa County Climate Leaders (4CL), which encourages the cities of Contra Costa County to coordinate, share and implement best practices for lowering greenhouse gas emissions. 4CL provides tools and resources, including an online matrix tracking progress in each city, quarterly workshops, and monthly newsletters.”

Sustainable Contra Costa County