White Paint

White Roofs Reduce City Energy Use


More and more cities are passing ordinances and requiring “cool roofs” for building design. Requiring light colored or white roofing materials creates a surface which reflects the heat associated with sunlight.

When cities allow dark colored roofing materials, the sunlight beats down on the residential, municipal and commercial buildings and the dark material absorbs much of the heat that hits it. During the summer months, this absorption creates a rise in the building temperature and raises the electricity bill because of the increased use of air conditioners and fans. If 85% of air conditioned buildings in the U.S. had a cool roof, the energy savings would be $735 million per year!

Contra Costa County has mild winters and warmer summers. By changing to cool roofs, the energy costs in our county could be drastically reduced during those warm weather months.


California, Florida and Georgia have taken the lead on Cool Roofs:


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